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H-bar Academy Summer 2015





at Throop Unitarian Church in Pasadena
300 S Los Robles Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101

For advanced middle school students* and early high school students who want to explore science and math.

Call 626 - 375 - 0575 to sign up!

Science Sampler
An overview of all aspects of science, including the methods, the discoveries, and the daily lives of the people working in the field. Each day will focus on a different branch of science through a discussion lead by a subject-area specialist. This class will cover a wide range of subjects from astronomy to zoology, including neuroscience, geophysics, and chemistry. Throughout, we will consider both the unique details and the universal themes that define what it means for something to be considered a "science."

Session 1 at 11 am

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